Why is it nursing bottle and vegetable washing liquid? To ensure the permenant health of your family, Mamamy add suitable components for food cleaning. Safe and benign to the extent that fruits and vegetables are washed – the food we eat everyday. Mamamy values your child’s safety.


Therefore, with the immature digestive system, high ability of bacteria infection, especially for infants, all food utensils such as milk bottles, cups, toys … need to be thoroughly cleaned. And you ought to use this vegetable washing liquid. Formulated with less foam, no odor, no residue left after washing, Mamamy nursing bottle and vegetable washing liquid will be a powerful supporter for mothers, to protect the baby’s health.

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International Standard

  • Japanese Standard - JIS K 3370: 1994.
  • The most rigorous standard in the world, guarantee of the product quality.
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100% SAFE

Long-lasting harmful chemicals for babies, were banned in many countries around the world.

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Superior components

Note: Combine nursing bottle and vegetable washing liquid with Mamamy 360-degree brush for maximum cleaning efficiency.

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Mamamy odorless washing liquid, leaves no residue after washing – 100% safe for baby. Apart from washing the nursing bottle, Mamamy can also be used to wash baby items as well as clean fruit, food.


Ingredients: Purified Water, Decyl Glucoside * (Mixture of Corn and Coconut Wine Essence), Alkyldiaminoethyglycine Hydrochloride Solution.


Net volume: 600 ml.


132.400 đ

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