How to save time for mother, and ensure baby’s safety in daily nursing bottle cleaning? The 360-degree nursing bottle cleansing set is a special Mamamy’s consumer solution.The intelligent rotary handle, automatically adjusts to suit the diameter of each item, whether large or small. The brush is made of soft sponge, which helps to clean the tank, even the bottom edge without scratching the bottle.


The cleaning set includes: a large brush (for the bottle body) and a small brush for the  nipple. An international quality product with a domestic price, helps mothers clean nursing bottles quickly and easily.

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100% SAFE

Fast, safe and convenient cleaning solution - Change the normal cleaning habit of the regular bottles (only by manual scrubbing and water jetting), which does not completely remove the residue from the bottom of the bottle.

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Superior Structure

With 360-degree rotary handle - smart and convenient design: automatically adjusts to fit the diameter of each item, whether large or small.

Helps to maximize the washing, scour easily, save energy and time for mothers.

Note: Combine the 360-degree rotating bottle cleaner with Mamamy natural washing liquid for maximum cleaning efficiency.



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Mamamy nursing bottle cleaning set with brushes made from super-thick, super soft fresh sponge, and 360-degree rotary handle to clean the bottle with maximum efficiency, completely remove the bottom residue without scratching the bottle. Scour easily, save effort and time for you.


Material: pure polyurethane foam, PP plastic.


Quantity: 2 pcs including 1 large brush to wash the milk bottle and 1 small brush to clean the nipple.


88.000 đ

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Mamamy fresh sponge is used to renew the brush. It helps to clean the entire stain on the bottle while cleaning, cause no scratches (scratches are usually places for bacteria accumulation), keep the baby safe when using.


Ingredients: pure sponge (polyurethane foam), safe PP plastic.


Note: Keep out of the children reac. Fresh sponge should be replaced when it is torn or attacked by bacteria. After 15 consecutive days, you should replace the sponge to avoid bacteria, ensure 100% hygiene. Open the button on the top of the fresh sponge, take out the old sponge. Twofold the new fresh sponge, put the upper hole and the beneath hole together, press the button and continue to use.


34.300 đ

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Let Mamamy take care of your babies in the right way!

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