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We should know that, while in the womb, the baby is protected safely. Baby has the feeling of secure, warm and calm. So the doctor uses the word “fetus” in the mother’s womb. The uterus is the child’s palace, covered by its mother. Mother breathes and eats for the baby. Those days are when the baby is best protected.

On the date of birth, first access to the world. The baby must be really afraid. Take the first step on the journey of motherhood, how will you take care of your baby? When the baby is born, the organs and the body parts are still in the process of completion, without any function of self-protection. Sensitive skin, weak natural immune system, immature digestive system, absorbing difficulty…

Taking care of a child has never been easy. It requires a lot of thought and effort. The heart that any mother in the world has experienced, we always understand. But do not fret at all, just believe in faith in motherhood instinct. You can take care, nurture and protect your baby safely.

Mother’s corner is the place to filter and save all the tips, guides as well as the most interesting information. Hope this online knowledge store will help you fill the knowledge and become more confident in the journey of motherhood.

  • 30% of babies suffer from dermatitis results from diaper rash. Results of the research on the causes of dermatitis in young children proves that. Another statistic makes many people startled when 80% of mothers make mistake of using diapers for their babies. If diaper rash lasts, it will cause genital trauma, urinary tract infections ... affect the future reproductive health of the baby.
  • Mom often misunderstands that her baby's skin is naturally bloated, more moisture, so no need for extra care. However, the truth is that compared to adult skin, baby skin is growing so mother should care and more special care. Let Mamamy explore three exciting mysteries of skin to nourish your baby's healthy baby.
  • Nowadays, caring and protecting your baby's delicate, sensitive skin has become very simple with just wet wipes every day. This is also the reason why many experts advised mothers to use wet wipes. However, mothers should choose standard and prestigious wet wipe brands in the market to take care and protect the babies in the safest way.
  • Mothers often wonder whether wet wipes are safe for baby skin or not? According to the study of the leading pediatrician specialist, wet wipes are perfectly fine and beneficial for infants and young children. With its superior capabilities, disposable wet wipes are considered a "revolution" in baby care, replacing traditional cleaning methods (using a towel, napkin, cloth towel many times, has the bacteria accumulation ability).
  • Wet wipes are considered completely good and safe for babies by doctors - head experts which should be used for both infants. And according to the doctors - leading experts, only the standard wet wipes - reputable wet wipe brands in the market is really safe for baby. To explain this statement, let’s find out more about the usage as well as components in the standard wet wipes.
  • Each industry is created for distinctive reason. These are smart inventions based on research, surveys of users’ demand. All are safe, scientific , which makes life more convenient and time-saving for the consumers. The wet wipel manufacturing industry is not an exception when it turns out to be the “revolution” of baby care in a short period of time. With the goal not only clean dirt but also clean bacteria to protect the skin, wet wipes were invented.
  • Many mothers have a habit of using dry tissues for babies or using cotton swabs for their babies – which is thought to be safe but actually not. Because the above items when dipped into water can only clean dirt - the visible stain but does not clean bacteria. While cleaning bacteria is the standard of cleaning. This is the main function and also the main reason for the invention of wet wipes.
  • The wet wipe manufacturing industry was created in 2004. 2007, wet wipes are officially introduced into Vietnam. Like other advanced countries in the world, this product is widely accepted by consumers - which is considered the "revolution" in baby care because of the outstanding characteristics that it brings to the customer. - mothers and babies, especially newborns.
  • Glass nursing bottle is a safe choice to help mother care and ensure the health of the baby. Because glass is molded from sand - 100% safe natural materials. That is also the reason why experts - doctors advise mom to use glass milk bottle. This also explains why the world is moving fast when most mothers return to use this kind of bottle.
  • Natural herb - Soap (baking, cream, powder) - Shampoo – Foam Bath. And natural bath foam is an indispensable trend that the world is turning to. With foam spray technology, foam bath is currently the best choice that mothers in advanced countries around the world are using in child care, including infants.
  • SGS certification - the symbol of quality and integrity that helps the brand's products have customers’ belief. Specific and reliable data helps the mother identify the logo of SGS in particular - prestigious organizations in the world in general print on the certified. Since then, mother has additional tools to choose safe and qualified products to protect her family.

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