Trang chủ Which wet wipes is safe for baby?

Which wet wipes is safe for baby?

30/07/2018 - 9:56
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According to the doctors - leading experts, only the standard wet wipes - reputable wet wipe brands in the market - is really safe for baby. To explain this statement, let’s find out more about the usage as well as components in the standard wet wipes:


If mothers only do the cleaning for babies by hand with water or with dry towel/cloth towel ... dipped into water and call it complete baby cleaning then it is wrong. As water only clean dirt, do not clean bacteria. While cleaning bacteria is the standard of cleanliness, providing safety for fragile, sensitive baby. This is the main use of wet wipes, as well as the reason for the industry to produce this product line.

In addition, the researchers emphasized that infants dehydrated through the skin more often than adults, resulting in high levels of damage under the influence of the environment (UV, temperature, physical, chemical). ...). Dehydration through this cuticle will not decrease until the baby is at least 1 year old. Therefore, moisturizers and skin conditioners in standard wet wipes are considered as a link, help the natural acid membrane - make the skin's protective barrier become firm. As a result, the dehydration process will be reduced, avoiding dry skin and nurturing healthy skin. In addition, some wet wipe brands have additional preventive features - anti-scratch, which protect the baby's immature skin.

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The fabric of the standard wet wipes includes: high-quality two-dimensional non-woven fabric, 99.9% ultra-pure water and nutrient ingredients. Therefore, wet wipes are considered to be safe and environmentally friendly products.

Wet wipes are produced on the modern industrial line - GMP standard, which is disinfected in sheets by ultraviolet radiation, safe and does not irritate the baby skin, especially infants.

Non-woven fabric with a high amount of Rayon (natural fibers made from natural cellulose material) makes the wipes soft, non-woven, well absorbed so they do not rub or damage the baby’s sensitive skin. That's why manufacturers do not need to add water-absorbent additives or Tinopal  (a long-term health effect).

In addition, the components of the wet wipes also add safe and benign moisturizers such as moisturizers that prevent the skin from gettong dry, antibacterial and antiaging agents, minimize skin irritation. Thus, wet wipes help to care, protect baby's skin better - a safe and effective alternative to traditional cleaning methods.

Another point is that mothers can be completely assured when using wet wipes meeting Vietnamese Standard - TCVN 11528: 2016. certified and certificated for no skin irritation, no Tinopal - 100% safe for both infants and young children by reputable national and international organizations (National Institute of Drug Quality Control, VAGO, SGS Switzerland ...). Moreover, the standard wet wipe does not contain parabens, MIT (substances that are banned in cosmetics by the Drug Administration in April 2015).

Combined with ultra-pure 99.9% water, wet wipes are considered completely good and safe for babies by doctors – head experts which should be used for both infants.

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