Mom’s corner

We should know that, while in the womb, the baby is protected safely. Baby has the feeling of secure, warm and calm. So the doctor uses the word “fetus” in the mother’s womb. The uterus is the child’s palace, covered by its mother. Mother breathes and eats for the baby. Those days are when the baby is best protected.

On the date of birth, first access to the world. The baby must be really afraid. Take the first step on the journey of motherhood, how will you take care of your baby? When the baby is born, the organs and the body parts are still in the process of completion, without any function of self-protection. Sensitive skin, weak natural immune system, immature digestive system, absorbing difficulty…

Taking care of a child has never been easy. It requires a lot of thought and effort. The heart that any mother in the world has experienced, we always understand. But do not fret at all, just believe in faith in motherhood instinct. You can take care, nurture and protect your baby safely.

Mother’s corner is the place to filter and save all the tips, guides as well as the most interesting information. Hope this online knowledge store will help you fill the knowledge and become more confident in the journey of motherhood.

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