Mamamy - Baby good goods is a collection of products with outstanding performance and the newest component, 100% safe, focused on using the natural ingredients - the trend of the world to always be the first choice brand of the mothers for the babies.

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Established in 2007, Mamamy’s mission:

“Create the best, safest products, best for babies”

We continuously strive to upgrade our products’ criteria to the highest standard. For baby products, safety is our biggest concern. Understanding our customers’ needs and wants, to make our products 100% safe, our business’ principles are:

“Do not use components banned in developed countries - due to the possibility of not good for health"

Even if those are not banned in Viet Nam.

Despite making safe baby products, how can we gain and improve our customers trust in our products? Not having the customers’ trust is a big fault of the producer.

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Therefore, we chose to:

“Always take the initiative to submit our products to  prestigious domestic and international organizations for testing”

And, the Mamamy products  met the requirements of the most rigorous testing organizations:

  • SGS Switzerland: No Paraben Preservation Chemicals, MIT, or standardize FDA, Europe.
  • Allergy testing in the UK: No irritation test.
  • National Institute of Drug Testing: natural laundry detergent to  not containing Tinopal, no irritation.
  • Vietnam Pediatric Hospital (VAGO): recommended for infants, 100% safe ...
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More than safety, Mamamy uses superior components – and offer superior capabilities.

We always bear in mind that the customers that Mamamy serves are newborn, whose bodies are still developing. Thus, we always listen to our customers’ demands, researching the highest quality  ingredients for our products to support protection and baby care.

Along with that are the outstanding capabilities, exclusive  inventions and  useful solutions for our customers to use our products conveniently, efficiently. That is the way we create our products to the highest quality and capabilities.. Always demand more than market demand. Just because we want Mamamy products to be: "CARE PRODUCTS" in its own definition.

Fortunately Mamamy has the customers’ trust and honorably  receive the title: "No.1 Viet Nam wet wipe product" after 10 years of service

(According to AC Nielsen retail research metrics in 2017)

Thank you sincerely!

Mamamy - Baby Good Goods

Everything made by Mamamy is good for your kids!

We “like” creating safe, best for baby products, Do you “like” Mamamy? Thích