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SGS certification – the symbol of quality and integrity that helps the brand’s products have customers’ belief. Specific and reliable data helps the mother identify the logo of SGS in particular – prestigious organizations in the world in general print on the certified. Since then, mother has additional tools to choose safe and qualified products to protect her family.

What is SGS? Why is SGS certification reliable?

SGS stands for Société Générale de Surveillance SA, established in 1878, based in Switzerland. SGS is known as the world’s leading accreditation and certification company – the global symbol for quality and integrity with more than 95,000 employees (including scientists, engineers, physicians, chemists assessors).

SGS operates through a network of 2,400 offices and laboratories around the world. The core services of SGS are divided into four categories:

Verification:  The world’s leading verification includes checking the status and weight of the transshipped goods, helping businesses control quantity and quality, meet all legal relevant in different areas and markets.

Testing: a global network of testers, knowledgeable and experienced appraisers, enabling businesses to minimize risk, shorten time to market, and test quality, safety, and performance. product.

Certification: SGS allows companies to demonstrate that their products, processes, systems, or services comply with national or international standards, regulations or standards determined by the customer. certification.

Verification: SGS ensures that your products and services comply with global standards and local regulations.

SGS is internationally trusted by its reputation as a global assessment company, a precursor to the sustainability of any brand. In international trade, the “independent third party” role, granting certificates such as SGS is very important.

Owing to uts main role which is to check the quality and current status of products that meet the set health and safety standards (diversified from agriculture, chemicals, the environment, consumer goods retail, energy, etc.), SGS standards or certificates are the basis for consumers to choose qualified goods to ensure their health.

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