Trang chủ Is wet wipes safe for the baby?

Is wet wipes safe for the baby?

30/07/2018 - 9:46
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Each industry is created for distinctive reason. These are smart inventions based on research, surveys of users’ demand. All are safe, scientific , which makes life more convenient and time-saving for the consumers. The wet wipel manufacturing industry is not an exception when it turns out to be the “revolution” of baby care in a short period of time. With the goal not only clean dirt but also clean bacteria to protect the skin, wet wipes were invented. Mostly for 2 targets: babies (especially infants) and elderly people with disabilities (can not be bathed and hygienic regularly). In addition, wet wipes are particularly useful in many situations (accumulation of bacteria in the public, while traveling, eating in restaurants ...).

In the world, wet wipel manufacturing industry was established in 2004, developed and spread out  widely. In 2007, wet wipes were introduced to Vietnam, quickly became an useful cleaning tool.

Is wet wipe safe for your baby? And what kind of wet wipes is considered safe? are the two most common questions of the consumers - mostly mothers (having babies under 3 years old) need the clearest and the most reliable answer.

In the past, the The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence

(NICE) recommended that mothers use water to clean their babies. However, the results of a recent study from the University of Manchester (published in BMC Pediatrics - 2012 Children's Health Science Journal) have confirmed that wet wipes are effective and safe for baby, even new-born.

The University of Manchester has conducted clinical proof and studies on 280 infants over three years. The results indicate that wet wipes are not only safe but also have the added benefit of minimizing the appearance of rash or diaper rash.

In addition, in Vietnam, Dr. Le Minh Trac - Director of the Newborn Center, National Hospital of Obstetrics and Gynecology also shared "Antibacterial substance added to the wet wipes help clean bacteria, which is the main cause of dermatitis, rash or boils ... Using quality wet wipes will have better care and protect your baby better. ”

As a result, health experts, scientists with practical research and testing have proven wet wipes safe for baby skin. However, every mother should notice that this statement is only true with the prestigious wet wipe brands in the market.

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