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Every creation or invention marks the efforts in the research to meet the demands properly and beyond the needs and expectations of the consumers. Most will benefit in terms of functionality, comfort – safety when using the products. To compare the advantages and disadvantages of each generation of bath products that have been replaced, let’s have a deeper look.

Bath products have formed and developed through many stages. Natural herb – Soap (baking, cream, powder) – Shampoo – Foam Bath.

Like all other tools supporting human, bath products also start with ingredients that are available in nature such as plants and flowers. Selecting plants, flowers for bathing is based on folk experience and knowledge of Oriental Medicine, which are often plants with antibacterial properties, exfoliation. In Vietnam, the common plants used are marjoram, bitter melon, green tea, betel nut, honeysuckle, squeeze, bồ kết … These plants are used for both infants and adults. Because they are natural herb, it is safe and benign. It has cleansing effect as well as the natural antibacterial system to protect the baby’s skin.

Natural ingredients for baby with antibacterial nad exfoliation features

The faster the life is developing, the more the demand and the busy human is increasing. This is the opportunity for the boom of convenient product. People invented “soap”. Brewed soap bars were originally handmade (DIY molds from detergent-like natural ingredients such as palm oil, coconut oil …). As a result, the utility is so great that soaps are produced on an industrial scale with chemical materials containing strong detergent, aroma and reasonable price.

Soaps are produced on an industrial scale with chemical materials

The overlap of the soap bars was the shower gel. Later, the dandruff milk product was further enhanced to a gel form (transparent and concentrated). But still the chemical composition is preferred.

Throughout a long time using the chemical products, people leading to human skgradually discovered the side effects from these products, it is the implications in sensitive, rash, cancer skin, even chemicals absorbed into the body for a long time easily affect internal organs…

Since then, people have come back to nature, inventors have also been able to find out the methods of extracting, fermenting …. In order to be able to incorporate ingredients from plants and natural flowers into bath products. Although the price is not too cheap anymore, but it is still the choice of consumers, especially for the newborn. This is a successful combination of nature and science to bring safe yet convenient products.

Natural bath foam is an indispensable trend that the world is turning to

The last step, up to now, is the foam bath. This invention is commonly used in products for sensitive skin, suitable for infants. Most famous skin care brands in the world have at least 1 bath products, shampoo with FOAMING lotion pump.

Why Foam bath is created, that is when more natural ingredients, nutrients are added to the product, people have thought of how these components promote maximum use. After research, it was discovered that the foam that was created as soon as it was pulled off the lotion pump would help nutrients in the product separated from water 30% more than creating foam directly on the skin and hair. It helps to keep the percentage of nutrients remaining on the skin (not washed away by water), which is utilized better than that of conventional dairy and gel products.

Therefore, this is considered the indispensable trend that the world is turning to.

Study on 50 children aged from 3 to 24 months * by dry skin in Kanagawa, Japan. After 4 weeks using foam bath (pH 5.5) and a moisturizer (pH 4-4.8), the skin is well-maintained and skin symptoms such as dry skin, rash decrease noticeable.

Thus, every creation or invention all marks the effort in the research to meet the needs and expectations of consumers. Most will benefit in function, comfort – safety when using superior  nutrients. With foam spray technology, foam bath is currently the best choice that mothers in advanced countries around the world are using in child care, including infants.

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